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Sarah Jankowski

Children: Birth through Career Portfolio


Supporting children at critical junctures in their lives.


There is no silver bullet to curing poverty. Children and Youth who struggle with barriers dealt to them by poverty can have dramatically better life outcomes if we support them at critical junctures. This portfolio focuses on a whole suite of organizations that reach children at a variety of ages and inflection points: birth, elementary school, high school, college, and career.

My approach to giving includes identifying strong leadership with an outcomes-driven lens who will run an excellent program. These are the programs you would want your own child to be a part of.


Private capital (your donation) has the chance to make an impact in unique and effective ways. Public, government funding often does not have the chance to be innovative or consider needs on an individual basis. These orgs do:

• Imagine you’re a new mother. You’re leaving the hospital without even a car seat to take your child home and even less idea what do once you get home – Room to Grow will get you that car seat, and provide you with guidance at each pediatric check-point age for the next three years.

• Imagine your child is going to school in a neighborhood plagued by gangs with a 46% High School graduation rate – DreamYard will help your child find their voice and become a leader in elementary school, and resist negative pressures. Oh, and it can increase the graduation rate by 175% too.

• Imagine your child is in high school. You believe in your heart that your son or daughter talented they could go to the college of their dreams with just a little support – Opportunity Network will get them there and stick with them for six years through graduation.

• Imagine your child lost their way, and into their 20’s they haven’t quite managed to get themselves out of a minimum-wage job while the city around them bursts with opportunity such as careers in finance or technology – Year Up can change their lives, giving them a hand up, some excellent training and placement with top employers where they can thrive.

By supporting these organizations, you are supporting children from birth to a successful career. You are changing lives.


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About the curator

I am the child of a low-income family. Growing up in rural poverty, I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college. Many of my peers did not make it that far. I know first-hand the untapped potential waiting to be unlocked in our youth.

Today, I am the President of the Foundation at Viking Global Investors, one of the world’s most successful investment firms. It’s grants are designed to help break the cycle of poverty by finding extremely promising solutions, with strong leaders, and the data to show it works. I also worked in the nonprofit and government space for nearly 10 years. I know what successful nonprofit management looks like from the inside.

6 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Viking Global Foundation
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Opportunities in this portfolio

Year Up (YU)

YU General Operating

Year Up has served nearly 20,000 young adults and place them at more than 250 corporate partners. Young adults earn an average of $38,000 dollars as compared to the annualized federal minimum wage for $15,000. This changes lives for the students and helps the economy.

Read more about Year Up (YU)

Opportunity Network (ON)

ON General Operating

Opportunity Network works with students for six years, beginning in High School. More than 90% of students in Opportunity Network are the first in their families to go to college.

Read more about Opportunity Network (ON)

DreamYard (DY)

DY General Operating

DreamYard develops leaders and nurtures young peoples' artistic voice. Over the years in has worked with 250,000 students in more than 100 public schools. 94% of its students report DreamYard helps them do things they couldn't do before.

Read more about DreamYard (DY)

Room to Grow (RTG)

RTG General Operating

Room to Grow reaches 600 children annually and 90% of them are thriving and developmentally on track based on valid assessments. This compares to fewer than 40% of low-income children under age three who are on track without interventions.

Read more about Room to Grow (RTG)

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