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Billions of animals in the US and abroad endure lives of misery and deprivation every year. Their suffering is unnecessary: it's the result of human cruelty, greed, and indifference -- especially on factory farms, where animals are abused and neglected simply to boost profits. Thankfully, it's also preventable: compassionate advocates have developed strategies that have spared hundreds of millions of animals from suffering. All they need now is funds -- I estimate that the most effective interventions can spare over 10 animals a year of suffering for just one dollar in donations. This is an exciting opportunity to make a major difference in the world for a small amount of money.


I give to reduce suffering in the world. Because far more animals are suffering than humans at any time, and far fewer donors are focused on animals than humans, I think I can reduce the most suffering by focusing on animals. And because far more animals suffer on factory farms than in any other place under our control, and far fewer donors focus on farm animals than pets or other animals, I typically focus on farm animals. My goal is to reduce as much suffering as I can for every dollar I give. And my strategy is to identify groups and strategies with strong track records of success, clear plans for future success, and a clear need for funding to achieve that plan.


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I lead the Open Philanthropy Project’s strategy for Farm Animal Welfare. In that role I've recommended over $40M in grants to effective animal welfare groups and interventions. Prior to joining Open Philanthropy, I worked as Policy Advisor & International Liaison to the CEO at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). I've spoken on effective altruism for animals at the Animal Grantmakers conference, multiple Effective Altruism Global conferences, and all of the nation's top five law schools. I have a B.A. from Harvard University in Social Studies and a JD from Yale Law School.

2 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Open Philanthropy Project
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Opportunities in this portfolio

Compassion in World Farming USA (CWF)

CWF General Operating

I'm confident that Compassion in World Farming USA will put an unrestricted donation of up to $25K to effective immediate use because of: (1) Its strong track record: it has played a leading role in securing and implementing animal welfare policies at over 100 corporate giants, including Nestle, Unilever, and McDonald's. (2) Its clear focus: it is now almost exclusively focused on improving conditions for the 9 billion chickens raised for meat in the United States every year -- by far the largest group of animals who suffer at human hands. (3) Its strong leadership: I think highly of its leader Leah Garces and the talented team she has assembled.


The Humane League (HL)

HL General Operating

I recommend unrestricted funding at any level to The Humane League because I'm confident it will use new donations to boost its impact for animals. I feel confident in this because of three things: (1) Its track record: it is one of two key campaigning groups behind corporate pledges to significantly strengthen farm animal welfare policies -- pledges that I estimate will reduce the suffering of about 400M animals in the US every year. It has also played a critical role in the global corporate campaign wins, via the Open Wing Alliance, a grouping of 33 campaign groups that it organized. (2) Its clear plans: it has clear plans to progressively raise the standard of conditions for farm animals across animal agriculture. It also has clear plans to develop the animal advocacy movement through recruiting and empowering advocates on campuses and in communities across the nation. (3) Its talented team: The Humane League has attracted advocates with strong personal track records from across the animal advocacy movement, which I think puts it in a great position to continue delivering strong results for animals.


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