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Jessika Ava

A Vegan World: Animal Rights & Sanctuary Portfolio

There are people who visualize a world where every non-human animal is safe, and this cause area aims to uplift such people who are creating a more just and compassionate world where animals no longer needlessly suffer. Animal rights is among the most significant social justice issues of our time. Animals are very much part of our daily lives; yet, except for animals considered family, non-human animals go largely unnoticed as they rest on our dinner plates, wait behind kill-shelter walls, and lose their wild homes. This portfolio highlights support for animals who need care now, while also working long-term to transform the very institutions that cause their suffering. More specifically, it focuses on companion and street animal care, rescues, and advocacy; sanctuaries; and vegan advocacy.


My approach to giving is guided by the following areas:

1) A good fit between donor’s interest and recipient organization
2) High impact potential yet underfunded grassroots organizations
3) Mature organizations filling otherwise unmet program or regional niches
4) Leadership that is competent, highly-principled, goal-oriented, visionary
5) Intersection of immediate, urgent needs and long-term solutions, which means seeking organizations that reach both areas, or spreading funding across organizations within each area
6) Where donor support can extend far, which often leads to organizations in Global South countries

I also prioritize projects that have multiple beneficiaries. For instance, a project providing medical care for street animals in India while also providing employment to widows abandoned by their families.

In addition to USA organizations, I focus on programs in the Global South because donor funding will extend farther and because compared to countries of the Global North, the south has fewer domestic donations and government support, lax or nonexistent animal welfare laws, and countless animals living on the streets.

In addition to animal care, I focus on vegan advocacy because animals within our food system form the largest group of suffering animals on the planet. Furthermore, creating more just and plant-based food systems also benefits people and the environment.

The values that drive my giving are: Cooperation. Accountability. Empathy.


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About the curator

Jessika Ava’s professional niche lies in coordinating global projects, statistically analyzing project efficacy, and guiding philanthropic support. Her notable experience includes grantmaking and program evaluation with Help Animals India and Farm Animal Rights Movement, analyzing Asian industrial dairy emergence with Brighter Green and FIAPO, managing a street dog rescue NGO in Nepal, and she has consulted with over 15 Asian animal welfare NGOs through Help Animals India.

With Help Animals India, Jessika has worked in the field of grantmaking and philanthropic support since 2011 and her extensive field experience with global animal advocacy organizations lends to her knowledge of realistic, impactful programs. She currently works as the Director of International Programs for Farm Animal Rights Movement and sits as Board Chair of Help Animals India and Out to Pasture Sanctuary. She holds an MPA in Nonprofit Management from Portland State University, an MS in Biostatistics from University of Arizona, and a BS in Biology from University of Oregon.

7 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)
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Opportunities in this portfolio

Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary (BWAS)

BWAS General Operating

Brother Wolf is the only dog and cat rescue in the USA with an explicit vegan message. Brother Wolf’s mission is to provide the resources and lifesaving programs necessary to achieve sustainable, No-Kill communities, where no dogs or cats are killed for population control, and euthanasia is reserved only for animals who are irremediably suffering. Its replicable model has significantly reduced euthanasia rates in its service areas. Brother Wolf also rescues farmed animals from slaughter and is currently developing a new dog, cat, and farmed animal sanctuary. Brother Wolf provides disaster rescue efforts and its Save the Animals, Save the Earth campaign challenges animal welfare groups to adopt a public vegan policy. Brother Wolf is woman and vegan managed. I recommend unrestricted support to Brother Wolf.


Help Animals India (HAI)

Karuna Society for Animals and Nature

Help Animals India is a grantmaking agency that supports animal protection organizations in India and Nepal. Karuna Society is a street dog, wildlife, and farm sanctuary located in Andhra Pradesh, India. Programs include promoting veganism by exposing the cruelties of the dairy and meat industries; providing lifelong care to cows, horses, camels, goats, and other animals saved from the meat, dairy, egg, and working animal industries; providing veterinary care, sterilization, and vaccinations to homeless street dogs and cats; providing lifelong care to animals rescued from illegal wildlife trade and wildlife entertainment; and providing free pet vet care to poor rural communities. Karuna also provides cruelty-free livelihoods to rural villagers through its organic vegetable farm and sanctuaries. Karuna is woman and vegan managed. I recommend unrestricted support.


Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)

Wuwei Sanctuary Park

Farm Animal Rights Movement’s International Program functions as a grantmaking and capacity building agency that supports vegan advocacy organizations in Southeast Asia. Wuwei Sanctuary Park is China’s first and largest vegan operated farmed animal and dog sanctuary. Wuwei provides lifelong care to cows, horses, birds, dogs, aquatic animals, and any animal rescued from the streets or from the meat, dairy, egg, and working animal industries. Wuwei also promotes veganism by exposing the cruelties of animal-use industries, creating among China’s first animal liberation videos, and providing vegan-focused humane education tours to the public and schools. Wuwei is a young organization and donations will support expanded vegan awareness campaigns, veterinary care, and improved sanctuary infrastructure. Wuwei is vegan managed. I recommend unrestricted funding.


A Well-Fed World (AWFW)

AWFW General Operating

A Well-Fed World is a grantmaking agency that supports organizations in USA and the Global South. It works to empower grassroots organizations by providing essential support that enables vegan advocacy projects across the globe. Its grantmaking programs include farm sanctuaries and vegan advocacy. In addition, AWFW conducts its own vegan advocacy campaigns and creates original research surrounding the impacts of animal agriculture on world hunger, the environment, and animals and is used to promote public policy change. AWFW is women and vegan managed. I recommend supporting AWFW’s animal-related and vegan advocacy programs.


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