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Professional Curator

Sjir Hoeijmakers

Long-term Happiness Portfolio

The world can be a lot better than it currently is, with a lot less suffering and a lot more happiness for everyone. We can all help shape that world, but in order to do so we need to use our resources strategically, and use evidence and reason to inform our giving. We need both our hearts and our heads, because doing good is not easy. This portfolio tries to identify the best donation opportunities that, on a global scale, work to prevent suffering and to provide long-term happiness.

1 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Founders Pledge
Professional Curator

Sarah Jankowski

Children: Birth through Career Portfolio

Our young people are the world’s greatest asset. Talent drives progress and talent is found everywhere. It’s just that some of this talent, doesn’t have the same platform to connect with opportunities to succeed. Poverty stands in the way. There is no silver bullet to curing poverty. However, we have some great ideas.

We can dramatically change the lives of children who struggle with barriers dealt to them by poverty and help lift them out of it to achieve their full potential. This portfolio focuses on a suite of organizations that reach children beginning early and continuing through important life moments: birth, elementary school, high school, college, and career.

6 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Viking Global Foundation
Professional Curator

Jessika Ava

A Vegan World: Animal Rights & Sanctuary Portfolio

There are people who visualize a world where every non-human animal is safe, and this cause area aims to uplift such people who are creating a more just and compassionate world where animals no longer needlessly suffer. Animal rights is among the most significant social justice issues of our time. Animals are very much part of our daily lives; yet, except for animals considered family, non-human animals go largely unnoticed as they rest on our dinner plates, wait behind kill-shelter walls, and lose their wild homes. This portfolio highlights support for animals who need care now, while also working long-term to transform the very institutions that cause their suffering. More specifically, it focuses on companion and street animal care, rescues, and advocacy; sanctuaries; and vegan advocacy.

7 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)
Professional Curator

Ruby Lerner

Arts & Technology Portfolio

I see the philanthropic sector as one of the few sectors in the economy that should have the freedom to engage in calculated risk taking. I include the arts in that equation as well. When thinking about the arts, most people might envision a dancer or a painter or a writer. And of course, artists working in traditional forms are an important part of the arts landscape. But now there are also artists working at the juncture of a number of contemporary fields, including arts and technology, arts and biology, arts and ecology, etc. These pioneers are taking us to new places, not only by often creating wondrous projects, but by encouraging us to think critically about the technologies we take for granted, and how important it is to understand their limits and consequences.

17 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Creative Capital
Professional Curator

Veyom Bahl

Immigrants & Refugees Portfolio

Immigration provides one of the greatest sources of opportunity for people around the world. Families seeking better, safer futures can come to the United States to rebuild their lives. But between global conflicts, new policies, challenging labor markets, and limited access to higher education, hard-working immigrant families are struggling. I believe everyday philanthropists can create life-changing ladders of opportunity through smart investments in the best nonprofits around the country. I’ve selected five that you can trust with your support.

5 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Robin Hood
Professional Curator

Chung-Wha Hong

Just Recovery in Puerto Rico Portfolio

This is a movement moment in Puerto Rico. In the midst of devastating disaster, Puerto Ricans are coming together with a vision toward a Just Recovery, a rebuilding effort centered on justice, community engagement and climate resiliency.

Even before the destructive hurricane, Puerto Rico was suffering from debt, austerity, extraction and loss of economic control. The philanthropy sector could fund rebuilding the old, or we could support a Just Recovery, where groups can rebuild community-controlled renewable energy system, sustainable agriculture with food sovereignty, kick out corporations looking to profit off the disaster and stop the vicious cycle of debt, austerity and poverty. The portfolio of 4 grassroots groups that Grassroots International funds, are working toward that vision of Just Recovery, with active grassroots community engagement.

3 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Grassroots International
Professional Curator

Lewis Bollard

Animal Welfare Portfolio

Billions of animals in the US and abroad endure lives of misery and deprivation every year. Their suffering is unnecessary: it's the result of human cruelty, greed, and indifference -- especially on factory farms, where animals are abused and neglected simply to boost profits. Thankfully, it's also preventable: compassionate advocates have developed strategies that have spared hundreds of millions of animals from suffering. All they need now is funds -- I estimate that the most effective interventions can spare over 10 animals a year of suffering for just one dollar in donations. This is an exciting opportunity to make a major difference in the world for a small amount of money.

2 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Open Philanthropy Project
Professional Curator

Mike Kirwan

Maternal & Child Mental Health Portfolio

"Two-generation strategy" has become an overused catchphrase in the early childhood space, but the studies still point to the impact that aiding low-income mothers has on both women and their children. This additive effect makes strong performers in the maternal and child mental health space an attractive investment from a poverty-fighting perspective.

6 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Robin Hood
Professional Curator

Sarah Needham

Arts Education Portfolio

This portfolio focuses on promoting access to the arts.

3 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Professional Curator

Carol Pencke

Racial, Social, Gender and Human Rights Portfolio

Issues involving racial, social, gender and human rights are critical to me. I believe in small "d" democracy and think the U.S. Constitution is a really good idea. We just still have not completely implemented it. So human rights and equal access to justice and opportunity are keys for me. Reproductive rights and health, and anti-racism have been the largest areas of my work.

30 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Social Justice Fund NW
Professional Curator

Alex Sarian

Arts Advocacy Portfolio

Arts organizations around the country are increasingly struggling to prove their local impact and relevance. With pockets of success being identified within certain regions, it's important to open channels of communication so leaders and organizations can learn from one another. The sharing of best practices and advocacy tools is imperative.

2 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Professional Curator

Jessan Hutchison-Quillian

Climate Justice Portfolio

This portfolio contains organizations that help build a green, sustainable economy while providing global justice.

6 Years in grantmaking
Experience at Social Justice Fund NW

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